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The work


These series of artwork occurred during 2020, when I suffered a great bout of depression while recovering from trauma.

While being isolated was the norm for me even before the pandemic (I am borderline reclusive), it was still a very difficult time. 


To keep the mind busy, I watched German Expressionist films and came across the art movement known as precisionism

I fell in love. You don't often seen these paintings to be as revered as the Mona Lisa or the Starry Night, but they made me see the industrial world of Selangor in a new light.


The focus on each artwork was on abstraction, texture and values. Certain precisionist paintings were able to depict factories in such a way they looked like gothic statues.

Of course, this is all subjective and entirely my opinion. Har dee ha ha. 


But the precisionist movement still inspires me to this day, and creating these pieces were the few highlights of a dark year. 

I hope maybe someone out there will get inspired by these smaller movements the same way I did. Experimentation always leads to something exciting.

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