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2017 - 6 - Family Trap.jpg

highschool art

2017 - 7 - Lost.jpg

The work

2017 - 6 - Bluejays in the Coral Garden.jpg

Hello of now I'm too tired to write about the last page of this website - my highschool art collection.

Despite this, let me walk you through memory lane:

2017 - 6 - Family Trap.jpg

I've always been someone who gets lost in daydreams and theatrics.


When I bought a small A5 sketchbook at the age of fifteen, I wanted it to be filled with my daydreams and weird surrealistic imagery. 

2017 - 6 - Tangled In Hunger.jpg

With each turn of the page, people would squirm or be in awe - I enjoyed seeing who reacted the most to what. 

Art and creativity has always been my answer to the difficult times of my life. Highschool was not fun for me at all.

2017 - 6 - Going To The Sky.jpg

When I became homeless, I had to push myself and spent my time making art I didn't like in order to sell them for money. It broke me inside, made me feel disillusioned with the concept of value and material wealth. 

I decided to not sell another painting after my experience with homelessness. 

2017 - 9 - Now What.jpg

Looking back at these paintings, I'm not the same artist as I once was. I'm far more deliberate and precise today, rather than person of great chaos and enthusiasm. 

But my deliberate methods tire me and make me produce a lot less than before. The work is better (technically), but it doesn't always have that happy carefree magic. 

2017 - 7 - Lost.jpg

At least, it makes other people happy and satisfied. And seeing people happy makes me happy. 

On the left is my most iconic painting (in my opinion) - the Human Car. My profile picture for every social media account.


The actual title of this painting is "Lost". Most fitting for a collection that probably will never be recreated. 

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