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Bi-Monthly Update Log (Aug-Sept 2021)

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Updates and interesting news will be added in here.


Thoughts on Improvements

  • 18-Sep-2021: Add more content to the blog. Lol.

  • 18-Sep-2021: Update and redesign the Game Page

  • 6-Sep-2021: re-designing the gallery to look more aesthetically pleasing and functional.

  • 3-Aug-2021: re-designing the blog header to look closer to an actual newspaper Headline.

  • 3-Aug-2021: re-designing the Featured slider to show off artwork more than the format.

  • 3-Aug-2021: changing the Penang 1957 webpage, giving it a more unique look that fits the theme.



  • 19-Sep-2021: Finished redesigning the gallery page.

  • 5-Sep-2021: Changed the featured slider on HomePage.

  • 7-Aug-2021: Added space for featured posts.

  • 7-Aug-2021: Added a proper Headline box which can be customised.

  • 7-Aug-2021: Redesigned the front page of the blog, it looks more like a newspaper.

  • 3-Aug-2021: fixed the gallery strip so the grey buttons are not linked to any pages.

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