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Old Animation Concepts

Ikan Bilis 5.png

the work

"Bilainkin" was an attempt to create an animated series. I've been trying to write this story for years.

The story is inspired by old Malaysian folklore and pagan beliefs, as well as Malaysian history surrounding the Japanese Occupation, and post-WW2 era.

The themes of the series centered around spirituality, trauma, and the clashing perspectives of local inhabitants and the colonials that resided within the country. 


I wrote the story from the perspective of a German WW2 veteran who came to the country as more of an onlooker of the society rather than an actual colonial.

Most of the animation you're looking at was going to be for episode 1 - which would have lasted 1-3 mins. It was more for a "hook" episode to set the tone. 

The black intertitle frames very common in silent films was my way of avoiding the use of voices. Each speaker had their own frame design.

Ikan Bilis Tile.png

I am a free spirit, like a bird. 

A foolish spirit, like an ape.

Feed me, and I will not pester m'kay?

Ku bebas, 'cam burung

Ku bangang, 'cam beruk

Bagi makan, takan kacau punya!

Left: the intertitle frame design for the spirit "Ikan Bilis" (the kingfisher-inspired character at the top of the page) 

One of the problems of the animated series as a medium was how I was going to maintain authenticity while not getting the audience confused by who is speaking what language.

The main reason that I didn't finish anything was because of depression.


2020 was not a great year, and these clips along with my experimental artworks were merely coping mechanisms in trying to recover from trauma (a theme I was trying to grasp myself).

Despite the failure, the story will live on as another project which I know I will try to complete.

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